Shinra Technologies, Inc. is the next evolution of gaming. Harnessing the power of a supercomputer in the cloud, Shinra creates a groundbreaking experience not possible with today’s current gaming technology. Shinra is not just what’s next. Shinra is the technological breakthrough that will propel the industry forward.
Technological Difference
Shinra breaks the current one-processor, one-user model. Our datacenters feature thousands of CPUs and GPUs working together, providing gamers access to virtually unlimited processing power. Using patented technology, Shinra efficiently shares gameplay resources — we create massive simulations for a massive number of users, with no client-side synchronization needed. To do this, Shinra allocates processing power for each component of a game (physics, AI, and rendering) on demand to meet the requirements of each game.
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New Experiences
Shinra will transform the way games are created and experienced. Shinra allows game developers to design all-new game experiences at every scope, from complex 3D open-world games to 2D sprite games. For new game designs, Shinra enables features such as Hollywood-quality graphics, distributed physics, and massive living worlds that are fully dynamic — eliminating the need for installations, patches or load times — and allowing for an unprecedented number of players in multiplayer games.
The team at Shinra Technologies, Inc. has come together to turn our plans for the future of gaming into a reality.
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We are interested in partnering with developers and infrastructure providers who share our vision.
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